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  • Enly - (Submitted for publications)
  • Parapipe - [parapipe.zip] a Perl tool for orthologous sequences detection across a set of genomes. This tool iteratively launches Inparanoid and Multiparanoid softwares on a set of genomes and outputs FASTA sequences of core, accessory and uniques genomes. 
  • Assembl-o-matic - [assemblomatic.zip] this tool automatically performs a series of paired end assemblies with ABySS using different options, and chooses the assembly which has the best mean contig length value. On the chosen assembly, it uses Prodigal to make a nucleotide and amminoacidic ORFs prediction. Dependencies: ABySS, Prodigal, g++, Ruby




Home page - Developed Softwares - Unpublished
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